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Transferring my blog to a go daddy domain

Hi there,


I am new to this so please help.
I have a blog on blogger and yesterday I bought a domain from godaddy. I followed the instructions provided by blogger and I filled the information in my DNS manager. 

I am not sure if I added them right, and I am not sure when this will work.


Please forgive me I am not and HTML expert or anything.

Here is my old blog URL: gowael7alla.blogspot,com

My new one should be: 




Thank you for you post. I reviewed some settings on the domain and looks like it is missing a necessary record for the WWW cname.  


I looked over the blogger domain help guide

and seems to show that you will need to add/modify the WWW cname and point it to


Add a CNAME record


I believe that should get the site up and running with the domain.


Hope this helps!


Thanks for your fast reply. 

I made some changes I hope it will work. I need to know why there are 3 CNAME in my DNS management zone? 
No I deleted one and I added information to 2 of them!!  I am not sure I did it right.

It is working now, Thanks for your help 🙂 

Could you take a look please 

Looking good on my end as well 🙂 happy I could help!