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.US domains - Disappointed in GoDaddy

Not very happy!

Purchased a set of domains including the .US version as advised by GoDaddy website marketing. In the beginning of the checkout process it gives an option for private registration on all the domains for the check out process. This is very misleading at the least seeing as .US domains can not be done privately.

We have always done private registration when purchasing domains in order to protect identities and email address's. We discovered after our purchase the .us domains do not offer private registration. As a result our information was made public in whois. This has resulted in damage to privacy which can not be reversed. We did phone GoDaddy to have the .US domain purchase cancelled. We were able to delete the domain from GoDaddy. However, GoDaddy was unable to let us know when our personal info would be removed from a public whois domain. Also GoDaddy was not willing to offer a refund for the cancelled .US purchase. Only after unwanted solicitations was it discovered what had occurred.

GoDaddy needs to perform some due diligence and make it abundantly clear to its clients when purchasing a .US domain their information will be made public regardless of privacy registration selections during the checkout process!


Hello @BaileysAir!


Welcome to the community! I'm sorry to hear that you were surprised by the absence of private registration on your .US domain purchase. As you've stated you're aware, .US domians do not allow for private registration. This is why we have a screen during the registration process that you have to click through that explains this:




 Regarding your information being in the Whois Database, it is usually removed from the whois database after it's been deleted at the registry. (That's usually approximately 10 days after deletion.) It may still appear in 3rd party Whois searches. If you see your information listed on one, you can reach out to them to request they update their records. A refund wouldn't be offered if you cancelled 5 days after purchase as discussed in our refund policy.


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Do not recall seeing any private registration statements of .us anywhere at the time of my purchase. Seems to be present now based on the screen shot above.

I do however recall selecting to private register all domain purchases for the transaction on the initial purchase set up page. This is when a pop up or something should occur stating an item in the shopping cart does not qualify for private registration. Not buried in a line some where in the middle of a long list of purchase items.

As for the refund. The purchase was made January 15, 2017...As you can see my above post was made January 18, 2017. My request for deletion was also done January 18 2017. Regardless, it was within the 5 days mentioned in the above moderators statement.

Now today, we are starting to receive junk mail concerning the domains we were actually successful in privately registering. But someone evidently is making the content of our private registrations available somewhere.