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Unable to Redirect after domain and hosting change

So I had a website with an SSL certificate, with a forum attached as a directory on that same URL/Hosting. (


I moved the forum to another hosting/domain, and moved my main site to another domain, leaving the original domain empty. ( &, leaving empty.)


Google has us 3rd in the rankings for our search term, however it's listed with the https.  I can't seem to make it forward to the new place without an error, which I think is due to the https certificate.  I need ( to redirect to ( while ( directs to (


Is there  way around this?  Thank you.

Community Manager

Hi @Tawaubastmut. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! 

This is possible. However, you'll  need to host that domain and encrypt it so that incoming traffic to has somewhere to go. That means you'll need to continue renewing the domain registration and its SSL Certificate for as long as you want the redirect in place. This wouldn't work with our forwarding service as it only allows the use of HTTP for incoming traffic. Hope that gets you pointed in the right direction. 


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