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Unable to add CAA record in DNS Management

An unexpected error occurred. If this issue continues, contact support.




Re: Unable to add CAA record in DNS Management

GoDaddy has already stated, in other tickets, they have no ETA for CAA record support.


This is code for, it will be be a cold day before we do any work around CAA record support.




CloudFlare CAA record support has been in Beta for over a year + doesn't really work correctly.


No major Registrar or DNS provider correctly supports CAA records.


I run my own DNS infrastructure for client sites I host.


You likely won't like hearing this + for CAA record support, you'll have to run your own DNS servers.


You can easily find me on Skype if you require talking about this.


What you'll require is at least 3 servers on different class C networks, in scattered geographical locations + a good bit of patience, to setup + maintain your own DNS servers.


Re: Unable to add CAA record in DNS Management

I got it working.


✔ All looks good 
0 issuewild ";" 0 iodef "" 0 issue ""


Couple tricks:

I used @ for the name.

Drop the "s in your entries.

Here's a picture of my entry:

godaddy caa.PNG