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Unable to call + domain suddenly renewed



I'm currently living in another country so i'm unable to call the support. 

I've had a domain that I wanted to cancel, and I received already emails like: 


"The domain(s) below HAS BEEN CANCELED. The good news? It's not too late. To recover your domains – and avoid an additional zł297.40 recovery charge – select Save My Domains below before October 10, 2018."


Suddenly today (11 Oktober 2018) even after the date they say in this previous email the domain will be cancelled forever like I wanted, the domain renewed, and I automatically paid for it. 


I don't want this domain, but I have no way of reaching the customer support. I don't have a cellphone with valid credits in this country, I only have credits on my skype, but this doesn't work to call the support, because it gives the message: Account Blocked; 


Is there an email I can sent to or live support? Because I just cannot call and I don't really want to pay for this domain, because I don't need / want it. 



Re: Unable to call + domain suddenly renewed

Hi @svenve,


Welcome to the Community!

You'll need to contact support so they can review the charge and help you with any eligible refunds. If calling is not an option for you, you may try our live chat available Monday-Friday from 5am-6pm Arizona time (MST) on the US/English home page (




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