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Unable to get authorization code - no changes in more than 60 days

I need to get an authorization code to transfer a domain, however this feature is disabled in GoDaddy.


The domain is not locked and no changes to any contact details have been made in well over 60 days.


How can I get a code to go forward with the transfer?

Former Employee

If your domain name has not had any changes on the contact information nor a newly purchased domain (within 60 days), you can request your authorization or EPP code through your domain settings page. It should be located toward the bottom of the page stating "get authorization code"


Here is a help guide:

The "Get authorization code" section on that page just shows "(disabled)"; there is no link to obtain this code.


I also tried the download method describe on another support page, but the resulting CSV file had an empty field for the authorization code.

Any other suggestions? How can I get an authorization code for my domain?

I am having the same issue. What's going on GoDaddy?