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Unable to update domain contact info

I recently transferred a domain to GoDaddy from another registrar.


When I tried to update the administrative contact details (name, email & organization), the former owner and I both received emails from GoDaddy as expected, however the "Review Contact Info Changes" button in the email leads to a GoDaddy error page with the following message: "Given request is invalid. If you feel this is incorrect please try again.". 


I have tried to re-initiate the contact info change by cancelling the pending changes in the GoDaddy domain settings, however that was over 10 hours ago, and I still see the message: "You have pending updates to the contact information.". So there seems to be no way to cancel the pending change, either.


Has anyone else encountered these glitches? I worked with a GoDaddy chat rep for over an hour and he could not figure out what to do other than tell me to wait a few hours for the pending message to disappear (that was 5 hours ago). What can I do? 


Thank you


Hello @marko334!


Thank you for posting. The first thing I'd recommend is clearing your browser cache and cookies to make sure that's not the reason that message is still appearing in your account. If that doesn't clear it, reach out to our support team to troubleshoot further. 


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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