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Unlocked my domain, but new registrar says it's still locked.

Hi community,

I want to transfer out my domain, I already followed the steps (the domain is unlocked). When I get to Hostgator I cannot initiate the transfer because it says that the domain is locked.

Did anyone have the same problem?



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Hello @facusiv, first off I am sorry to hear that you are leaving GoDaddy. Not that I have a stake in you staying but it is my view that GoDaddy is a reliable solution for hosting, domains and much more and I recommend GoDaddy products often as part of best practice.


As for the domain the internet is a big place and changes (depending on what you changed) can take some time to propagate. These things can take up to a day or so but generally it is no more than a couple hours. If you just made a change I wouldn't guess that other servers would know about it in 10 minutes though? Not that you haven't already completed all of these steps but here is the help document link for Transferring Domain Names to Another Registrar. So basically wait but not more than like 24 hours before I'd say it is a problem and contact support. Hope that helps?

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Greetings @facusiv,


There are generally 4 major reasons a domain won't transfer.

1) It is too young (in most cases a domain under 60 days old is restricted by The Registry).

2) It is locked in the account. A domain must be customer-unlocked before it can be moved

3) The domain has privacy. Registrars must know who you are to transfer.

4) There is a hold due to a contact change or domain status (such as protection) that you have placed on it.


Here are some details:


I hope that helps,

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