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Uploading to domain or subdomain

I have a domain called "" and a subdomain called "".  I have created a virtual tour called "RamNeuseDemo.html". I have a program that helps create virtual tours and it has a FTP component. It ask for: (1) Domain, (2) Port (assume 21), (3) Folder


Domain: Do I used "" or


Folder: What goes here? Httpdocs/


or What?

Advocate I

I'd use the primary domain, then make sure you're choosing the correct folder.  Have you already created a folder to hold your tour?  Whatever folder you add/create, that's the folder you should reference in the folder path.  For example if it's in the root, just use httpdocs/.  If you created a folder, then it would be httpdocs/folder.


Sometimes with FTP you have to try a couple of different settings to find out which one works.