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Warning new fraud aimed at domains

Heyz is sending domain cancellation warnings and targeted my Godaddy domain. The email appears to be very authentic. Beware of this email topic "Final Reminder". I am very surprised to see it is a .org and I will check whois to find and report them but if Godaddy could report them also and get them caught would be much appreciated.



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Hi @Jerr,


Thanks for the heads up. 

Before you report them though, bear in mind that their account may have been hacked. The owners of the site may be blissfully unaware. Also take a look at the return address. 

Be suspicious of emails with subjects such as this or 'urgent', 'winnings', 'prize draw', 'court order'. In fact any email that's unsolicited, unexpected. Or any with very poor English, or use of grammar. No Godaddy email would ever have spelling mistakes. 

We also get a few posts on here too from the same scummy people, it's just an unfortunate thing we all have to deal with. 

My father had a good saying though. He would often tell me, "You can not con an honest man"

......takes a little thinking about. For example, how many 'victims' of Nigerian ex bank bosses / princes / politicians widows thought actually there was 'some easy money' in it for them? And actually thought something criminal had been done, but "Who will know?" If they get a cut for laundering the cash? Then shout and complain when they get fleeced? 

You cant con an honest man.......

stay honest friend 😊


Getting Started

Checked whois and found they were registered with so filed an abuse report. So much of this fraud lately it makes me wonder why law enforcement isnt doing anything to slow its progress. Thank you for the quick response, I loved working there.

Thank you


Unfortunately there is a school in North Caroling whose web address is WSABES.ORG. I am sure that they have no idea who is using their address. I got one of these "Final Notice" emails, too. 

Greetings @PigtownDesign ,


The Domain Name: WSABES.ORG is registered through While they don't have an "Abuse" contact listed on the WHOIS, they may have a way for a recipient to file an Abuse complaint and some registrars also have a way to notify the bonafide account holder.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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