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We deleted some items for you!!!!!!

I found this message in my email, You delted two of my most vital domains to me and
Then I clicked to know what's up???!! I found a page you're negotiating me to get them back instead of 82.xx$ (to take my kidnapped hostages) but nothing happened, This 82$ was only for starting the negotiation under the title of "back order"!!!!
I renewed these domains only 2 months ago, Now you deleted them???!!!! Do you have an explanation??
I tried to call you on phone in USA, I surprised to be answered in Turkish!!! So What??!!!


Same happened to me as well with cancelled. Charging 8 x to get own domain. And other occasion actually took my domain while on the phone as well. So even Go daddy workers are taking peoples domains especially if possibility of being premium domains. Not certain that go daddy can be trusted anymore

Yes that's what I think also, Godaddy guys are taking our domains to their own accounts. Stealing our years of efforts to get those domains up!!!

2 Days I'm trying to call their support number giving me fax sound

Great Job, they took my money, the renewal money and want me to buy them again 😄

On phone they didn't deny that their employees 🙂



Hey @hiabusiness,


Sorry to hear about this recent experience. Generally the type of messaging you've described indicates the domain in question had been deleted and removed from your account due to expiration. In the case of '' I can see that is definitely the case when looking up Public WhoIs results.


This is all part of the Expired Registration Recovery Policy (ERRP) which we have timelines outlined in the link provided. In no way was this malicious or an intent in stealing your domains. 


To @Medmwazel1, it does sound like a similar situation had also occurred in your own account. If the domain has been expired for more than 19 days after it's expiration date, then a redemption fee is required to recover the domain from it's current redemption status as well as the standard renewal fee for the domain. 


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