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Website and Mail server on two different IP addresses

I have a dilemma with my DNS settings that so far, no one at GoDaddy has been able to help me with.

I have my website hosted with Godaddy, under my primary domain, and that portion is working fine.  When I tried to point my MX record to my mail server, it does not allow me to enter an IP address, it requires a "name".


In this case, my infrastructure is simple-- my mail server is a single server behind a public IP address, hosted here in my facility.  My problem exists when GoDaddy does not allow me to enter an IP address, only a name.  In this case, it is a single mail server, and does not have a public "name" to be referenced.


Both people I talked to at GoDaddy had no solution for me.  I refuse to believe that this can't be done, if GoDaddy would allow me to list an IP address for the MX record, my problem would be solved.


In the meantime, my mailserver is up and running using two different domains that I set up for business and personal use.


Below are two images-- the first is the DNS settings for my domain that has the website.  The second image is the DNS settings where I am successfully pointing the MX record to my mail server's public IP address using the A record.