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What are the Pros/Cons for buying multiple domain names?

What are the pros/cons for buying multiple domain names? I originally purchased several Domains with similar names as the one I use for my business that were inexpensive, thinking that would prevent other similar website names which would improve SEO. Now it is time to renew, and I am rethinking if this is a good idea or not.


Re: What are the Pros/Cons for buying multiple domain names?

Hey there @SeniorSmilesGA! Thanks for being a part of the GoDaddy Community!


There are a few pros to keeping these domains in your account. Redirecting these domains to your active site will improve your SEO so people can find you online easier. The other pro would also be that no one else can come in and take these domains to try and copy your brand/business. Generally, speaking it is a good idea to hold onto these domains to protect your online business. 


The only con I would see would be having to pay for them. If it is within your budget to keep them, I recommend doing so just to keep yourself and your business covered. 


I hope this helps and gives you some more information when it comes to making your decision!


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