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What is going on at GoDaddy?

I've been visiting my GoDaddy account for months in order to renew my domain before it expired. Each time, I found no record of my domain - in fact there was no record of renewal date, cost of renewal etc. Has anyone else had these problems? To make matters worse, GoDaddy is now showing my domain available to buy via an online auction!!! The domain name is attached to my business activity and is shown on all marketing materials, online advertising etc., so it is CRUCIAL that I get some answers to this ASAP.     Thanks, Peter


Re: What is going on at GoDaddy?

Greetings @Pete_Mac  ,


We'd like to help, but based on your description the domain is at least thirty days past expiration.

Here's the expiration timeline:


Prior to removal from an account, there is considerable time to renew. If your contact information is up to date you get numerous reminders, also the DNS is taken down in advance so a key domain would be conspicuous by its absence.


Sometimes in the history of a domain, it moves between accounts or there are other reasons it may not be where you expect or remember. There is also the public WHOIS for expiration information if your other data cannot be located.


It sounds like it may already be too late on this domain, but you can see any possible options via that link or reach out to Support for clarification on your specific circumstance.


I hope that helps, some,


Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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