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What is wrong with transferring

I have just tried to transfer some to GoDaddy and was not able is it GoDaddy is trying to charge me for it! Even worse, it gives me an option for extra registration for another 1-2-3-4-5 years!


It is against from the offer, it is against auDA rules!


What is the worst, I spend about 1 hour chatting to a a GD's representative, he was not able to fix the issue, which I can understand. But when I asked him to pass the case to a higher level of support, he told me that he had done it and gave me details of his manager. After I finished the chat, I sent an email to that person and got a bounced email that the address is incorrect!


Godaddy! what is incorrect with you???



Hi @user2018,


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Transfers of .AU domains do not have a fee charged by the Registry. As such, they add no time to the registration, once the transfer is complete. Upon purchasing the transfer, you may be offered additional registration years at the standard domain renewal price (to be applied when the transfer is complete). If you did not choose to add years, and just purchased the transfer, there is no fee, so there is no refund. You will need to contact our support team by phone or chat in order to resolve any transfer issue. Or you may email the transfer department at Be sure to include the domain name and your account PIN for their assistance.



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it's a scam.


they changed their domain transfer page this month to remove the reference to "move your domain for free" and replaced it with "Transfer your .com or domain and get a 1 year extension" but they charge you AUD$16.99 for the transfer. if you change the option to 2 years, it comes up with "domain transfer and extension" and charge you double the amount.


i've spoken to GoDaddy about this time and time again. i had a whole bunch of australian domains to transfer and they wouldn't budge on the fees.


the auDA domain transfer policy section 3.1(d) clearly reads:


under no circumstances may a gaining or losing registrar impose a transfer fee on the registrant, or any fee that could reasonably be construed as a transfer fee.


GoDaddy needs to change their policies and pricing to meet Australian domain guidelines. Until this has been remediated I will not consider GoDaddy as a registrar for any Australian domains.