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What’s really the best way to sell?

I have some domains for sale on the auction.  It has been nearly 5 months and no one has bid.  The value is as was suggested by Go Daddy on the phone.  I’m just a small private seller who doesnt need them anymore so I don’t want to pay for a feature unless people think it’s worth it.  I know that there are lots of factors but they are quite good domains so I am surprised no one has made an offer.  Any advice please?

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Re: What’s really the best way to sell?

Hey @GeorgiaT, domain selling is not a field of dreams. This isn't a "If you list it they will bid" I find that the best way to sell domains is to find buyers. I'd start by searching the keywords contained in the domains and try to find potential customers from that pool.


The really good thing I find about domains is that I'll have some for years and maybe a hundred dollars investment. Then seemingly almost out of nowhere somebody comes and makes that cost seem miniscule. I actually have realized good returns on domains, all it takes is the right buyer. Don't wait be aggressive. I hope that helps? 


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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