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What the difference between wordpress mapping and wordpress hosting?

GoDaddy is a bit difficult for me to use and design. So I've tried connecting my domain with another blog website. Like wordpress. I just purchased for it to map, but not quite sure if it'll work. What I'm trying to do is do all of my work on wordpress and when I publish the articles I write for it to publish on the domain I bought on godaddy? Is that what mapping does for me?

Helper V

If you want to host your website on wordpress you will need to make sure your wordpress site has the option to use an external domain. If supported you will need to setup your domain on your wordpress site and update the DNS entry for your domain to point to the wordpress site. or use a cname to redirect your domain to the wordpress domain for your site.


Wordpress hosting - Godaddy host your wordpress site.

Wordpress mapping - Used to point your Domain to your wordpress website hosted elseware. states you will need a premium or business plan to use your own domain.


Helper V

Apparently WordPress mapping is relevant to as in Use a Domain You Already Own (Domain Mapping) — Support — Mapping just allows you to use your own domain name, mapping does not do anything else. It will cost you at least $8 a month and you get other features with that.


You did not specify what plan, if any, you have with GoDaddy. You probably want a Managed WordPress account as in WordPress Hosting | Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth – GoDaddy. It will cost you $8 a month.


Have you purchased either of those? You say you have purchased something and since you are asking about mapping I assume it is a account.


Where is the WordPress that you are using? Since you are asking about publishing articles, I assume you have not used WordPress much. I think it would be best to become familiar with WordPress a little more. You can use WordPress in without paying anything to learn about it.


Most people use WordPress itself to write articles and then publishing is just a matter of pushing a button. The features are probably not as good as what you use for writing but it is good enough for most people. What do you use to write articles?