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Whois Verification - needs to be updated.

My website is not operational and was told by GoDaddy support that the Whois information needs to be updated. I did not receive any notification about this before the website was shut down. I logged into my GoDaddy account. There is no notice or sign that anything needs to be updated. It was only after I clicked on 'manage' that there is note about the Whois information. No change in the account -- this just happened suddenly. Now I've updated the information and sent the email to Whois, but the website is till down. What kind of horrible service is this? No warning. No communication. Nothing from GoDaddy. Any advice on how to get the website working again?

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I tend to find that GoDaddy oversends emails for renewals, cancelations, receipts, customer service... @lbvestel One thing I suggest is that users periodically check their settings to insure that the contact email, phone number and other details are correct. That your whois was outdated to me suggests that your GoDaddy account contact was outdated as well?


whois verification is increasingly important (depending on country) but you should have received several notifications. Check your spam folder maybe? Seems like if you resolved your whois issue getting out of website jail would be easy? I'd just contact support to see if there are any other hoops to jump through? I hope that helps? 


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