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Why can't I see my website?

Hi everyone.


My name is Steve, I am English but I have lived in Spain for the last 13 years. My website is called Cuidarbol due to my business of tree surgery. The name Cuidarbol is a mixture of two words joined together in Spanish "cuidar"/"arbol", which translates into English as "care"/"tree", because they very often use their language the other way round to the English language as in "casa blanca", "house white", or as we would say in English "white house".


I've been using Go-Daddy for some time now and have so far been very happy with their services. This year I missed my renewal payment for my domain name, to which I payed about a week later than it should have been paid. I have been charged for the payment and received an email from Go-Daddy confirming payment has been accepted for my domain name.


Now I come to my question, why can't I see my website on the internet after I've paid for the renewal of my domain name, is there anything I should do, anything I have missed or will my website "appear" on the internet as if by magic very soon.


Any help or advice that could be given to me by a higher mortal with more knowledge than my limited knowledge on such matters would be more than gratefully received. Thank you very much in advance for any advice or help anyone can give to me



Regards, Steve.   

Former Employee

Greetings @cuidarbol ,


Thanks for your business to date. I also appreciate the clever naming approach you took. I can tell your website is important, but here is what may be having an effect. It all depends on how long past expiration the renewal was done. We offer a few days grace period, but after that, the nameservers are parked. I would contact Support, it may only be a simple reset of the servers (DNS) and you should be back within 24-48 hours (frequently less)

I hope that helps,

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Hi Thomas D.

Thank you so much for your reply. I'm not very up to date or clever when it comes to all of of this internet and my problem with my website etc. I was hoping there was a simple answer or an easy way to solve the reason why I can't see my website on the internet.


I admit there was a problem with my domain name payment in being a couple of days overdue. Saying that, I would have thought that as payment has been taken from me, the relevant steps would have been taken to reinstate my website on the internet and to how it was.


I'm sorry if I misunderstand how all of this works. I don't wish to offend anyone but surely with payment being made and confirmed by email to me, my website should be visible to the world on the internet. 


Regards, Steve (Cuidarbol).  



I agree with @T-3D that this could be as simple as DNS.


When it was cancelled, was it just the domain or your entire hosting package that went away? Because your domain right now just shows a GoDaddy Parked page. It's a simple fix. If hosting is cancelled too, that's a different story.

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Hi @cuidarbol. I'm guessing the domain in question is Based on the information I can find online, It looks like the domain has been parked for quite some time. When was the last time you saw the site up and is the actual domain? 


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