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Why does GoDaddy Change A-record on renewal

Hi All!


Just wondering if anyone knows why GoDaddy AUTOMATICALLY updates an A-record upon renewal?  I have had an A-record set for 2 years.  Today, I noticed the domain was forwarding to one of my other domains.  What I was told was, "if you have a forwarding address set, regardless of your A-record setting (e.g. populated with an IP address), we automatically set the domain to forwarding upon renewal."  Why change the A-record?


If someone has a forwarding address setup as a "backup address" in the event anything happens to an IP address (or in this case unauthorized A-record change)  the site visitor is not left with a "not able to reach destination/website" error.  Just because someone renews domain registration does not mean an A-record needs to be changed.  Essentially, GoDaddy made a change to my web-property deed without contacting me.  Why?


Just wondering if anyone else has had similar situations!



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Re: Why does GoDaddy Change A-record on renewal

It's not just you @JMPepper, I've seen lots of complaints about renewals changing DNS records. I read a couple of threads on this but didn't get any answer so now I'm curious as well. 


The only time I've seen this personally is with clients have a failed billing and their domain gets changed to parked or redemption. Perplexing that something like that would happen just from pushing the renew button though? I'd cry if I had a client with twenty plus domains and a renewal changed any records.


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Re: Why does GoDaddy Change A-record on renewal

You're not the only one! I have the exact same situation! I am still figuring out how to re-do the whole thing...

Re: Why does GoDaddy Change A-record on renewal

same thing happens to me today. the A record changes after renewal and I can not edit it. my live website is down, this is horrible...

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Re: Why does GoDaddy Change A-record on renewal

Hi @JMPepper@rd@Snow1213@hoangtan23. If you see this happening, it usually means that the domain had been set up to use our forwarding service in the past and instead of removing the forwarding, the domain's A record was just pointed elsewhere. When the domain renews, the forwarding settings get applied again.


As for the lock on the A record, we recently updated the backend of our forwarding system to prevent the above situation. You should be able to remove the lock by deleting domain forwarding from the domain. If you see this happening to domains that do not use forwarding, please connect with our customer care team so they can take a closer look. Sorry for any confusion/inconvenience. 



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Re: Why does GoDaddy Change A-record on renewal

This has just happened to me. Not impressed. Maybe advise renewing customers that you do this? 


Re: Why does GoDaddy Change A-record on renewal

My domain(s) renewed 8/21/2018.  This exact issue occurred on one of them (that I’m aware of).  This domain had an old forwarder re-added without my permission or doing.  This forwarder broke the website on this domain - which is also the landing page for numerous other domains also directing traffic to it.  All of my sites were down during this time until I was able to determine and resolve the issue.  Unacceptable and very disappointing!  Well, I’ve been hosting many domains with both GoDaddy and Fabulous for many, many years.  Perhaps it’s time to move off of GoDaddy completely.

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Re: Why does GoDaddy Change A-record on renewal

HI @ogaard,

Sorry to hear that you're frustrated with your situation! Have you contacted our customer support team to have them look at your account and help to resolve this? If you don't have the contact info, here's all of the info to contact our team Thanks and I hope you get this resolved asap. Take care!


Re: Why does GoDaddy Change A-record on renewal

I had the same (or a very similar) issue. Domain not pointing to website anymore. All of my alias domains are pointing to the main domain so they didn't work anymore either.


In the DNS settings, the A entry for @ said "Forwarded" but for some reason didn't have an option to remove or edit it. This seems to match what JesseW mentioned. I now added a new A entry for @ pointing to the IP address, hopefully this works once all the DNS servers have refreshed.