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Why my Domain is not getting seen on Google?

Dear Godaddy,


This is pertaining to


You are the domain name registrars.


However the site is not getting seen on Google.


I tried for almost 45 minutes to upload the image but the image is not getting uploaded. Neither can see any email address where I can send queries. All the chat agents are currently unavailable.


Please let me know what is to be done.




Dr. Veerendra Darakh






Re: is not getting seen on Google

Hello Dr. Darakh,

  There may be many reason why Google cannot find your site. Most common reasons are usually due to insufficient Search Engine Optimization  within your website. Another possibility could be that you have recently published your website and Google has not indexed it to their database so far. One option to request google to scan your website is by taking the following steps:


1. Sign in to your gmail account

2. After you have successfully signed-in to your gmail go to

3. Submit the URL of your website to google.


Hope this helps 🙂