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Why we can not query any DNS record from Taiwan for the domain name INDOEXIM.COM?

Dear Sirs,

As the subject, the domain name INDOEXIM.COM is owned by my customer.  They registered this domain name on your domain service.  We can not send email to my customer because the MX record of INDOEXIM.COM can not be queried from Taiwan.  Other DNS records are also can not be queried.  We tried to use any possible DNS server such as to query the DNS records of INDOEXIM.COM, and we always get the same errors as the following.

> server
Default server:
> set querytype=MX

** server can't find SERVFAIL

Best regards,

Netwolf Wang


Hi there @Netwolf


Thank you for posting. I would recommend reaching out to our support team to troubleshoot this. This type of issue will need their attention. Thank you. 


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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