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add a domain hosting

we have the deluxe account and we have a domain registered with a diff registrar.

i'v added the domain into the hosting section but it doesn't show in the domain list so i cant see what the nameservers are so i can change the dns at the other registrar ?


we have a couple of other names with other regs and they have shown up fine in the listing

Rockstar II

If you have Godaddy hosting with a domain name at another registrar you'll need to update your nameservers to Godaddy hosting nameservers at the other registrar. The domain name will not display in your domain manager list of domains because it is registered with a different registrar.

Ok, if I changed the DNS, when my domain will appear in Godaddy hosting list, how much time it will require?

Hi @Mher,

As soon as you add the domain to your hosting it will appear in the hosted domains list. Also, here is how to locate your hosted domain nameservers to add to your domain's DNS with the 3rd party registrar. 

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