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can not renew domain


I can not call you
no one has responded for three days already I can not renew domain
Gennadij Gilung Customer #:[removed]
089 320 25 29 dont work
chat dont work
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Re: can not renew domain

Hi @Gilung,


You are saying the Ukrainian number doesn't work? Are you calling from outside the country? I believe it's only accessible from within the country, though if you click on the link besides the phone number you will have everything translated into your language.


Chat does indeed work but you have to be patient and wait, also it's Arizona USA local time 5am - 7pm Mon - Fri

Helper IV
Helper IV

Re: can not renew domain

What is happening when you try to renew the domain?


There are two ways to reach the renewal area. 


The first is in the domain control center (My Products >> Domains >> Manage All) where you see all of your domains. If it has been expired for some time, you will need to go (Domains >> Expired Domains) from the drop down on the domain control center page.


The second way is to click on your name in the upper right hand corner (assuming you are logged in on a computer and not a mobile device) then go to "My Renewals" and you should see the domain listed there. Just click the box to the left of it, then click on the "Renew Now" button at the top.


I hope that helps.


Re: can not renew domain

Hi @Gilung,


The answers from the 2 other replies to your query are great. However, as you did not mention the domain name or the dot-ending of the domain, I wanted to add a word here. If the domain that you are unable to renew is a special country-code (or CCTLD) there may be special requirements from the registry over its renewal. You can always go to our help files and place a search for your specific TLD by entering: About your-CCTLD Domains. Of course, replace "your CCTLD" with the ending of your domain (such as .DE, .NL. .PL, .UK, etc).


It should show you any special renewal requirements here.



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