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.com domain updated name servers

So we changed name servers on couple of our GoDaddy domains to point to outside VPS. And one of them went straight though, but the other one is just not working, when I type in the browser still opens the old one, when I ping it still shows the old IP, when I whois it actually shows new name servers and worst of all our google email is not working even though it is set on both ends (server we're leaving and one we're moving to). I know that DNS takes up to 72 hours, but .com domains usually don't take more than 5 hours plus it is weird since whois is showing new name servers and those have totally different IP.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hello @impulse. Please share the domain name and the nameservers you're trying to set. Or contact live support to check on why the other domain isn't working.


Naterx - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Sir i have problem i changed domain to and i updated nameservers of my hosting is Namecheap but it is not updating kindly help me