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hostgator to godaddy subdomain - wordpress site

hi everyone


i've had abrowse and cant find anything so apologies if im repeating. 


i have a wordpress site which was on hostgator, after a dispute i cancelled the hosting. the domain is on godaddy and want to switch the hosting to here. 


hostgator have sent me a full back up but i need to test it on a subdomain (i have delux hosting for demo sites) before i buy it's own hosting package. 


i cannot, for the life of me, work out what im doing wrong. i go via theback up wizard and nothing seems to happen. how do it get the content and everything into this subdomain?


Thanks in advance

Helper III

I recommend reading GoDaddy's help article for migrating your site from Hostgator to GoDaddy.


My advice is to make sure you've backed up everything on your computer 1st. Once you've done that, just setup a fresh install, then re-upload all the FTP files from the old website install.


There's a possibility you may need to go into your FTP files and make a couple manual changes through the code edit. Try doing the basic things first like pointing your DNS to your new hosting account, etc. Tag my profile & let me know if you need more help.