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hosting pointed to weebly and emails at A2Hosting

My domain was purchased through Godaddy

I have the website built at Weebly and have pointed the A Record @ to the weebly ip

I have the mail hosted with A2Hosting and have added an MX pointing to (priority 1) using my VPS ip address 


I then went and changed the nameservers to my VPS account at A2Hosting.

This then took away the visibility of seeing the Records.


When I changed the NS to mine my website was not visible (white screen)

When I changed the nNS to default (Godaddy) the website was visible but the emails were not received at cpanel.

The attached screenshot was taken before the ns took effect and the Records were hidden.

Is there something I am doing wrong ?


cheers Brian Killeen


Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 1.16.45 PM.png


Re: hosting pointed to weebly and emails at A2Hosting

Hi @Leonie6070, thanks for posting.

If you've changed your nameservers, you would manage your DNS through your new hosting provider. The nameservers manage and control the DNS for your domain name.

You would need to update your MX records through your new hosting provider.


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