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how can I make my domain a premium?

I have a domain that I am trying to make premium. it ends with ".com" and I also took off the privacy so I could list it as it says in the help community to do. After done so I still have the same problem. 


I go to premium listings and click "ADD DOMAIN". I write my domain down along with the price with a comma inbetween as told to do so and it keeps saying "INVALID FORMAT"


Do i have to pre register in order to make my domain premium? how do I do this? 


Thank you so much.



Community Manager

HI @aklayborr. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I'm not sure what you mean by "pre register". If you have registered a .com domain name, you should be able to list it as a premium domain. It might help to see screenshots of the information you're entering and the error you're receiving, as well as knowing what the domain is. 


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