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linking my domain to a google cloud project

I purchased a domain through go daddy. I now want to use that name on my google cloud project that have launched using the resource space deployment. Is there a walkthrough on how to set that up? I dug a little in on the google side and thought I was getting in over my head. 


Any suggestions would be awesome.





Former Employee

Hi @jgehrt, Thanks for posting your question in the community..To publish this project, you need to identify the correct nameservers there and update them on our system here.


Fortunately, Google® provides the instructions for you to determine your nameservers here:


Once you have determined the correct settings, update them by following the instructions here:


Thanks again for posting a question that others may also have.


Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Hi there, I am facing the same problem of this.


I found that godaddy is not allow us to put "." in the last letter.



we can't type


we can only type


in the DNS setting, will that affect the result???


Thanks for answer

Did you find a solution for this because i am having the same problem?

Same problem, transferring out seems to be the answer

 So how to add trailing dot at the end of the nameserver?

My domain stopped working right around the time it renewed.  I have verified the domain on Google Cloud successfully but the website is still not working.


Please advise!


For the records i have found the solution at