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my Domain Inactive


my domain not working

plz help

Super User II

What happens when you access the domain now?  Where should the domain point?  What have you done so far?

i don't do anything

just i registered a domain and hosting

and in domain management page my domain statue inactive so my website not working

my domain :


Super User II

Make sure you add the domain to your hosting.  If the domain and hosting are in the same account you can use the default nameservers, if the hosting is with a different provider you can use the nameservers they supply.

it's same from godaddy

i'm i programmer and that's not first time to i do that

i understand what i do and what i say


Super User II

That may be so but you're not making yourself clear here.  Keep in mind this is a public forum and I do not have access to look into your account, if that's what you need contact support directly with your user ID and PIN handy.

Community Manager

Hi @Wali. It looks like you've been able to resolve this issue. I'm able to see a website when I visit your domain. If so, please consider following up here with the steps you took to resolve the issue. Others may benefit from what you've experienced. Thanks! 


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