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my site being redirected to

Hello, I hosted my site at godaddy for some years. Some months ago I noticed my site being redirected to some other site offering it for sale. My site is: I checked and preview the site from godaddy management console, it points to the right content. However when I open it directly, I got redirected to that malware site. Any ideas how to fix this?


Thanks beforehand!

Super User II

The domain info is shielded by privacy so I cannot see who actually owns that domain by doing a whois search here:


I do see the nameservers are not GoDaddy's:




If you own the domain, you should be able to go into your DNS and revert it back to the GoDaddy default servers which would look something like:




Is it possible your domain expired and was released to the public?  Check that all your domain record contact information is up to date.


HTH! 😉



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Hi Muse, thanks for your reply. Here is the interesting part. The nameservers you mentioned from whois result is different when i do manage dns in godaddy console. The nameservers that i got in godaddy is correct:


NS@ns23.domaincontrol.com1 Hour

1 Hour


Now How do i solve this problem?


Thanks again!

Hmmmm.. the plot thickens! Smiley Frustrated


I ran a check to find out your IPs:


The IPs point to:


So next I would look at your DNS record for any A or CName records pointing to anything other than GoDaddy's IP for your site.   What is odd is you stated this started happening and you don't know why.  You are sure you renewed and still own the domain, right?  I can't imaging anyone being able to change your DNS record on a domain you own without your knowledge.


I recommend you contact GoDaddy support to find out what is going on...  Let me know what you find out, okay?




"You have to be odd to be number one." Dr. Seuss

Are you using Word Press? I had the same issue.  I narrowed it down to Word Press add-on I had installed that had turned into malware to hi-jack my site(s).

Is your problem solved?

I am facing this problem on a website hosted on godaddy works fine but is redirected to hugedomains

Hi AirHornSours

Were you able to login to Wordpress to get rid of the plugin? When I try to login I end up back at the website. This is so frustrating! Any help you can give would be appreciated!

My domain name was supposed to be transferred to SquareSpace about a year ago but it never made it, now my name is "taken" and I would have to buy it back. What a load of s__t! Thanks for nothing GoDaddy! Now when I try to call Huge Domains, I leave a message and no one has called me back so far! I wonder how much GoDaddy made from them!

Hi @gHufbagel


I'm sorry to hear about your missing domain. Any domain that is not renewed in an account prior to the post-expiration hold time (43 days) can be registered by another party when we have to return it to the Registry. We send out multiple emails to remind out customer of impending removal as we want you to be able to keep the registration on your domains. If the domain was to transfer earlier, your gaining (future) registrar would have had to put a request through to the Registry (not us) so that the domain could be moved for you. We do not hold the domains once we get a valid request. They are moved to the Registry and then on to your requested registrar.


While I have no solution as to how to get back this particular domain (as it is not registered with us), I hope this helps for your domains in the future as it is universal to almost all registrars.





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