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paypal payment problem i cant buy domain name

Sorry, we weren’t able to complete your payment or set up a billing agreement for future payments at this time.
Please return to the merchant and choose another way to pay. how do i buy dont know what is the problem please help me godaddy team
Regard Sam Rahimi
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Re: paypal payment problem i cant buy domain name

It has been years since I linked my GoDaddy and PayPal @samiarahimi so I almost forgot the process. This is actually often asked so GoDaddy has a good help document on it. You can checkout with PayPal see Pay for your account with PayPal or you link your GoDaddy and PayPal Add PayPal to my GoDaddy account.


I like the link option as once you confirm once with PayPal you will not have to authenticate directly to PayPal as long as your PayPal is set to grant GoDaddy preapproval to process transactions. I hope that helps?

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