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replacing records via api - failed name server validation

I'm trying to replace all records on my domain via api put request.

url, credentials and data are valid. however I'm getting this error in response:

{"code":"FAILED_NAME_SERVER_VALIDATION","fields":[{"code":"INVALID_FIELD","message":"Nameservers [] ","path":"records"},{"code":"INVALID_FIELD","message":"Nameservers [] ","path":"records"}],"message":"Failed to update nameservers"}

BUT it works. after getting error records r successfully replaced. What am I doing wrong?

records are:


{u'type': u'A', u'data': u'', u'name': u'xxx', u'ttl': 600},

{u'type': u'NS', u'data': u'', u'name': u'@', u'ttl': 3600},

{u'type': u'NS', u'data': u'', u'name': u'@', u'ttl': 3600},

{u'type': u'CNAME', u'data': u'xxx', u'name': u'www', u'ttl': 3600},

{u'type': u'CNAME', u'data': u'xxxx', u'name': u'xxx', u'ttl': 3600},

{u'type': u'TXT', u'data': u'null', u'name': u'xxx', u'ttl': 600},

{'type': u'A', 'data': u'', 'name': u'xxxx', 'ttl': 600}


Community Manager

Hi @abs112. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Unfortunately, I'm not overly familiar with how the API is supposed to work. If you're not able to get an answer on the community forums, you can also try reaching out to Hope that helps. 


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