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subdomain forwarding and CNAME for Wordpress hosted site

I have created a subdomain (main domain and want it to redirect to the new WordPress site I created for this en. subdomain (to separate the English language version of the website from the main site).


I ADDed subdomain and asked to Forward with Masking. It does not work and instead of the new site it forwards to the main site (actual name


Wordpress Help told me to get it solved by the domain name registrar (GoDaddy). This is what they tell me to tell you:

"I would like to map a subdomain of my domain to my blog, which is hosted at I want to use the subdomain Can you please add a CNAME record to point that subdomain to


In Manage Domains cannot ADD CNAME because "We can't display your DNS information because your nameservers aren't managed by us.'

I feel like being bounced between GoDaddy and WordPress and I don't know who of the two is supposed to make it work?

many thanks

Helper I


  You have your nameservers pointed to wordpresses' NS servers:



So you need to point your nameservers to Godaddy to manage your DNS here if that is your goal. Right now the wordpress nameservers control what your domain does.