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suggest apis tlds doesn't appear to do anything

I'm currently evaluation godaddys API to see if it's something we can use and one of the useful endpoints of the API is documented on

In our case we only want to look at domains and it looks from the documentation that this is simple to do by adding to the tlds list however on trying this through the documentation it doesn't appear to limit in any way, am I missing something or am I misunderstanding how to do what we need to do, the url appears to be


but returns every possible top level domain available.


Please Help.

Community Manager

@blatcp01. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Unfortunately, I'm not familiar enough with the API or software development to be able to answer your question. However, if the API isn't working as you thought it would or our documentation needs to be clarified, you can try reaching out to with your question. 


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