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unable to edit dns records

I just tried to add some dns records to one of my domains but for some reason there isnt a records section at all anymore all i have is nameservers section then the options for export import dnssec etc and forwarding and subdomains.

My other domains are fine, its just my .com domain.  What could be causing this?? Ive not done any changes to my domain for a while but ive never had trouble till now.





Getting Started

Hrm, that's strange.

When you visit the URL below -- but replace "" in the URL with your domain in question -- can you see the current DNS records?

For example, this is what I see for my domain

uphq DNS.png


ADLISP...all day long I slay problems.

Only nameservers no records, its just one of my 3 domains I cant see my records.  But I'm still receiving email.



Sorry for the delay. If you haven't sorted this out already:


  • Please send the exact URL you're on, and attach a screenshot of what you're seeing;
  • Please attach a separate screenshot of what you're seeing at the URL I suggested above

That should help us troubleshoot further.

ADLISP...all day long I slay problems.