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web-site cannot upload - got error message

I began advertising through adwords and I give my web-site sink so that those who click on my ads can come to my web-site. Everything was fine. Then, yesterday, I noticed that there were 140 disapproved ads because those clicking on the links were seeing an error message because my web-site was not able to up-load. I had applied for a Personal Website Builder and for a Business Plus Website Builder (through GoDaddy) because I should not have such a problem. However, today I noticed that 449 ads were disapproved because my website was not uploading when the link was clicked. The reason for the disapproval of the ads was 'destination not working'. The explanation given for 'destination not working' is:

"Destinations that don't function properly or have been incorrectly set up

Examples: A site that returns an HTTP error code, such as 403 Forbidden or 404 Not Found; a site that doesn't work in all locations or on common browsers and devices; DNS lookup errors; product not found; internal server errors; site under construction"

Please note that even I have noticed that I get an error message when I try to go into my web-site. If I get a lot of disapproved ads, my adwords account can get suspended. So this is a really serious issue. Please correct this quickly. I am not even able to communicate with the Godaddy support through email so as to send the relevant pictures.

Advocate III

If you are not able to access your website why would you think that anyone else could do so?


Stupid question, but did you actually build a website with the website builder? It doesn't happen automagically (as far as I know)?

Geeks rule!

What did you mean by this:


"did you actually build a website with the website builder? It doesn't happen automagically"

Originally I had the Personal Website Builder and the website was often taking too long to upload. The 'Business Plus Website Builder' was supposed to stop the error messages and upload it quickly. Actually, it did until recently.


Do you have FTP or cPanel access to the account? Can you check to see if there are website files where they should be on the server?

Geeks rule!

I don't know how to check for these: FTP or cPanel access