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why do I have to add www in the domain for it to redirect me to the page?

Hi, just recently I connected my new website to the domain I purchased here, but I'm having some issues regarding to it.


When I write it sends me to the website with the updated domain. But if I put the domain redirects me to the website builder..


how can I change that?

Super User I

Make sure the website is published to the naked domain, instead of


You'll also need to ensure your domain has a couple DNS records to link it to the website.


A record-

Host: @

Points to:


CNAME record-

Host: www

Points to:

I have done all those and still the same


noticed that I had "forwarding" set to the page, so removed it. 



now when I go to it shows me these...2112.PNGCapture.PNG

Super User I

Changes to the DNS can take about an hour or sometimes longer.  Forwarding should be off, as it applies a special pre-made template that affects your ability to manage the DNS.  In the DNS make sure there is only one A record for host @ and it points to the IP address of your website.