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wordpress site works without "www." but not with "www"

I've seen this topic posted a few times on the GoDaddy Community, however, I am not getting any results that apply to my situation. I have set up the following site: "" (this is the link that works). After reviewing with the client, she and I have agreed due to printing stock, we would rather the site work as: "" as well. Currently, when entered with "www" a 404 error is received.

I have reviewed the previous posts about this topic, but nothing worked (adding CNAME, A, etc.), I received errors when attempting to resolve with previously mentioned fixes. The site is built on self hosted wordpress on go daddy servers. Please help and thanks in advance!


Getting Started

You need to edit DNS entry for your domain. Make sure is a CNAME to


Currently  your domain points to IP address points to IP


You can point www DNS entry to IP or make it CNAME to