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Accessing individual email accounts without using domain password

Our GoDaddy domain is for a club organization.  Currently we use the forwarding feature for inquiries directed to one of the areas of interest (membership, President, VicePresident, Events, etc).  This works great in most cases but to respond, those individuals personal email (the forward to address) is the return address of the response.  Is there someway still use the forward feature, but capture that email (membership@...) as the return address.  


As an alternative, we could use the "copy sent to" feature but that would require the individual to log into the mail account.  However, I do not see where it is possible for them to only log into the "membership@..." email account.  It asks for the domain login password.  


Responding to the forwarded email would be my preference but if that is not possible, how do individual log in to a specific email account.


Thank you



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Login at or


These should log directly into the email account, if you do not know the password it can be reset following these steps.

Community Manager

Hi @CFMSN. There is actually a way to do this. What you need to do is set up an identity for each of the forwarding addresses within the main address. So for example, if you want to be able to send and receive, you can set up a forwarding address for sam@ and then create an identity for sam@ in the main address. You can find out more about identities here. In my testing, if someone sends or replies to a message linked to an identity, the webmail client defaults to responding from that address. Hope that helps. 

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