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Add Visio license to Office 365

How do I add Visio to my Office 365 subscription?


When I try this path, it tells me I already have a subscription through work. This doesn't make sense.

I have the same issue - is there any workaround?

@td3201 @sethsacher - To clarify, are you adding the subscription to an address provided to your by your employer? If so, you may need to reach out to your email admin to see if there are any other steps you need to take. If not, you may try posting additional information about your situation, as well as a screenshot of the error. That may help others identify the issue. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

I am an administrator. I have seen two different error messages:

Here's the second one

I have exactly the same issue.  In effect, Microsoft is telling me to sign-out of my GoDaddy Office 365 account, then create a new account with which to try or buy Visio.


Clearly, GoDaddy haven't thought this through.  I'm guessing this only affects a handful of clients, hence the lack of a solution from GoDaddy?

Same issue. I'm not interested in trying to juggle 2 different office 365 logins on the same PC. I've been down that path. It's a dark path

Hi @STRoot@td3201@markmayes@sethsacher,

I just wanted to clarify that the Office 365 plans that we offer,  do not offer access directly to the Microsoft shop due to licensing. You can, however, purchase add-ons and software through the shop, which we do not support or provide any assistance with.  If you want to use other options like Visio, you will have to create another account, however, it is not something that we recommend doing. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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This doesn't make sense to me at all. What is the "shop"? Are you referring to the "store" when signed into office 365? If so, it won't let me purchase Visio Pro for Office 365. So you're saying I need to ditch Go Daddy and buy directly from Microsoft?

Hi @td3201,

Some of the apps can be purchased through Microsoft directly, and be used with your account here, you just have to link the licenses correctly, which we don't assist with and neither does Microsoft. If it is critical that you need a specific add-on, you will want to get an account directly through Microsoft. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

This is not a good outcome at all.  Both Visio and MS Project it seems cannot be bought via the GoDaddy subscription.  I think this means that we may need to terminate the arrangement with GoDaddy as running two different Office 365 accounts is not an option.


Is there a way to ensure an easy handover for email etc.?

Am I understanding correctly, that it can be done with a separate O365 account, but you don't recommend it? So you don't recommend using Visio with GoDaddy-O365? That's a problem. GoDaddy made everything so easy when I launched my business, but maybe this was the catch I didn't know about at the time. Please work out a solution with MS! Even if you guys don't support the add ons - at least give us a way to get them please!

Definitely wouldn't recommend but guess depends on your use case. If you plan to make use of integrated share points and collaborative working having to run off a different O365 account scuppers all I understand it at least.

This is completely unacceptable -- many of us need Visio, and we are NOT going to get a separate account for, guess what?  We will leave GoDaddy and get our subscription somewhere else.

This is really, really, bad -- elevate this to your supervisor's supervisor.

Fix this immediately, then let us know.


Very, very bad.

We have the same issue, and this is just yet another instance where using GoDaddy as our Office 365 provider has come back to bite us.  The Azure Active Directory integration and tying into our Azure and Visual Studio environment has been challenging as well.


While I like being able to talk to someone in support quickly when I have an issue or question, I don't know that it adds enough value for the complexity going through GoDaddy creates for us.


I'm not going to stomp my foot and say "it's unacceptable!" but as enough little pieces pop up, it will be harder to justify not hopping to direct Office 365 through MS.

Did anyone ever get a resolution to this GD issue? I am in the same boat, and have some great concerns that GD is just ignoring this issue.  I would have never gone to MSO 365 had GD not told us we MUST make the move...  

Hey, Cliff,


No, none so far.

Coincidentally, I am going to get in touch with GD today on this issue.

My understanding is that they've done nothing (nothing) at all to improve this situation.


So, I think the only thing left is for us to all vote with our feet and cancel our GD O365 subscriptions.

I invite everyone to cancel your O365 subscription with GoDaddy -- and tell them why!


I'll let you all know if I find out something different.


Has an answer been provided for anyone?  I have the same question seems like well over 2 yrs later.  Is it possible?

I contacted GD today on this issue & still nothing.  I had purchased a Visio subscription, received my confirmation email from Microsoft but then I clock Get Started it takes me to the GD Email & Office.  Which does nothing. .. looks like the only sane solution is to move out of the GD tenant, but I have no idea how to make the switch.  Anyone have any info on the process?



This as well as other issues have convinced me that being part of the Godaddy O365 domain is much more painful than it should be.  It is impossible to get traditional Microsoft subscriptions like E5, Visio, Project, etc - all things that we need as a business and has absolutely been more trouble than it is worth.  I can't believe that Godaddy has not resolved this.


Would love to hear guidance on the best way to separate.