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Adding SPF and DKIM for Zoho



I'm doing my emails through zoho for a domain I have with godaddy.  I need to add a txt record for spf and also need to add in DKIM. But I have no idea where I can do this. Can anyone help?


Thanks a lot in advance

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Here's what you do...


  • Go to the listing of your domains.
  • Click on the domain you want to add records for.
  • On the next screen click on the DNS ZONE FILE tab.
  • Click on the ADD RECORD link under the type of new record you want to add.
  • Then, be sure to click SAVE so that your additions go into effect.


HTH! Smiley Wink



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Here's what you do...


  • Go to the listing of your domains.
  • Click on the domain you want to add records for.
  • On the next screen click on the DNS ZONE FILE tab.
  • Click on the ADD RECORD link under the type of new record you want to add.
  • Then, be sure to click SAVE so that your additions go into effect.


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"No guts, no story." ~ Chris Brady

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After adding DKIM record to DNS settings as following as TXT record


<selesctor name>._domainkey.<my domain name>

in my case


after adding this record my domain name  is not getting inputted


it only appears as above

from my email provider, DKIM record is not getting verified

Please help

Thanks in advance



I have the same problem. who can help?

Doesn't work for the DKIM for Zoho.  Godaddy is striping the domain off the dkim record.  I input mail._domainkey.<domain> with key and when I save it becomes mail._domainkey.



Still doesn't work the DKIM for Zoho, is there someone from GoDaddy who can help out?


 After chattting with online help i was told that Godaddy only allows SPF records. No support for DKIM and DMARC records so these will always fail third party tests.


If you want DKIM and DMARC records you will have to change to a different hoster, like I will have to.  It seems 1and1 internet do allow DKIM and DMARC.


This is the only solution that I can see.


I am having the same issue. TXT Records should not be stripping anything there is no limitations to the . character.

Hi there,


Does anyone know the best way to setup DKIM for Godaddy when using GMail (not Google Apps) via POP as the Primary day-to-day email interface? Is it possible to do it that way? What records need to be added etc. I've read through all the guides already and they only seem to mention how to do it with Zoho mail.





Ok so I have domains registered and hosted with Godaddy.  The email however is setup to use Zoho.  When I first got started I setup the MX Records to work with Zoho.  Email was working fine but Zoho alerted me that I needed to update the SPF records and DKIM.  

I am worried about how to do that as I do not want to interrupt email services.

When I look at the current SPF TXT record in my Godaddy domains panel I see that it says:

TXT record:  Host: @ 

TXT value: v=spf1 a mx ptr ~all

TTL : 1 hour

When I look at what Zoho wants me to do, they say to add a TXT record as follows:

 v=spf1 ~all


I tried working with their support and the best I have been able to get out of them is that I can have multiple records.  I think what they mean is to just include in the original record but I want to check with someone who understands this a lot better than me to make sure it won't mess anything up. Syntax clearly is important.


Also there is another TXT record that I figured I should mention:

2nd TXT record

TXT - Host: admin

TXT value: v=spf1 a mx ptr ~all

TTL: 1 hour

...I do not know if this one is fine as it is and should just be ignored.


Any knowledgable help is much appreciated.


Did someone have resolved this problem, adding zoho DKIM TXT to GoDaddy?

Hello!  I need some help and am hoping that someone in the community can help me.   I send out emails thru mailchimp.  My email address is tied to a account.   Cool right?  Well, I've no issues sending out emails thru Mailchimp.  Here's the issue:  I am intergrating Mandrill to my mailchimp account, which was easy.  However, in Mandrill I need to verify domain ( which is good.   Next I need to verify the DKIM & SPF.   I went into my Go daddy managing domain section and added the necessary TXT files that Mandrill wanted me to add.  However, the are not testing when I hit the DNS test button on mandrill.   Can someone tell me how the TXT file should exactly look for this DKIM & SPF?   The name the want me to use is


DKIM Setup

To enable DKIM, create a TXT record for with the following value:

The value is some really long value that I will not post here because I understand where that goes in my TXT file.  


Does this DKIM set up TXT record for go where it says "Host" in the TXT file set up for go daddy? 

I'm alittle frustrated as this doesn't seem complicated with a account but I can't figure it out.


As for the SPF file.  It says this:

This domain has an SPF record, but it doesn't include Mandrill.
Here's the current TXT record for
You just need to change the TXT record to this:


I again have added in the TXT value field:  v=spf1    but still nothing is testing correctly. 


Can someone help me?  Maybe this is more difficult than I think...maybe it's something simple that I did wrong.   Anyone know the answer?  





Following Zoho instructions to add a DKIM signature for my domain on GoDaddy an unexpected error occurred. The TEXT record couldn’t be validated.

Do you have any suggestions?

Hello. I am trying to configure my DNS DKIM and SPF and I get a different test result, when I configure the GoDaddy DNS Management and my DNS server. Do they need to have the exact TXT records? Does someone have implemented the DKIM and SPF and can share a DNS TXT record example with me, please?


I have a domain as well as business email hosting service with Godaddy. I wanted to add DKIM and DMARC settings to authenticate my mails as per the standards. I have already setup a SPF record, which can be done easily. However, I have not been able to find DKIM settings. Can someone please help me as to where to find settings related to DKIM and DMARC on GoDaddy.

Godaddy do not support DKIM integration to dns zone. strange and hopeless but as per customer service I interacted recently. 

I've had trouble getting my e-mails to reach some recipients that have a really severe filtering policy, because of the lack of a DMARC field in the DNS record. I found (thanks to another thread in the community) that while I cannot set up DKIM, I can add a DMARC record, and per the tests performed by the site, the result is that my domain now gets green checkmarks instead of a red cross for DMARC.

You need to go into "Manage DNS" and add a new field:

Type: TXT

Host: _dmarc


v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=mailto:<youradminaddress>; ruf=mailto:<youradminaddress>; fo=1:d:s;

TTL: you can leave the default of one hour


Note that instructions about adding an SPF field to your DNS should also be followed. The content I was given by a nice GoDaddy helpdesk rep was:

Type: TXT

Host: @

Value: v=SPF1 mx -all


Again, once I did this, the mxtoolbox test passed. Now, everytime you send a message to recipients at some sites, I receive back a zipped XML diagnostic file. I think that I can probably avoid this if I change the value of the fo parameter... but I haven't mastered this yet!


I thought I would post this to save others the frustration I've had. The text record for SPF is easy to add and works as it should.


But I am also having problems adding a proper DKIM record to DNS. DKIM seemed like a simple and easy way to cut down on spam. After all, it is just a text record in DNS. I actually added the record in a couple of minutes using the godaddy control panel. But I could not get email servers, like gmail, to actually see the DKIM record. I tried querying the DNS server with many free DKIM checking tools available on the net and they all failed to find the record. I then queried for the record myself using nslookup. I can could see the record. But, nslookup showed it was unable to retrieve the record via UDP. It could only retrieve the record after failing over to TCP. I don't believe godaddy has the extension mechanisms for DNS specified in RFC 2671 that would support large UDP packets.


I contacted godaddy support. They really couldn't help me. To make a long, frustrating story short, In the end they said this TXT record amounted to a third party application and they didn't support it. This basically leaves all of us with no recourse because it is really an issue with their DNS servers. In the end I had to disable this feature in my edge server.


I hope godaddy will update their platform and support larger records over UDP. Google and a lot of the other big boys are pushing this. I would like to support it. Especially since it should be so simple to implement.