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Adding workspace email to ipad to macbook unsuccessful.

Unsuccessful having followed the instructions provided by Apple and GoDaddy to add godaddy email account to my iPad and Macbook


The message that comes up when trying to SEND an email from Ipad device.

"Username or password for  is incorrect"

(The account had been successfully added and verified.)


The message that comes up when trying to ADD an email account to my Macbook device

"Unable to verify account name or password"


I have this email account already set up on iphone and iMac (albeit temperamental).


Solutions welcome! THANKS IN ADVANCE.

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Super User I

If you are putting in the correct configuration parameters (it seems as though you know how to configure email) I'd say maybe the issue is connection. I have found WorkSpace email a bit unique to configure with clients. Make sure that you are using the fully qualified email address for the username and probably copy/paste the password to insure that it is proper as well. Also, you want to make sure that you are using the secure configuration and port settings. I hope that helps?

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