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Address book nickname not changing

This is such a dumb question, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what's going on. We have an email address that used to have a person's name attached via the nickname field. Well, that person is now gone, and the nickname field has been changed ... yet the person's name still shows up in the email (looks like FirstLastName []). I've even deleted and reentered the contact (so that the nickname is simply Manager) but this person's name still shows up in all the sender/recipient info. I can't figure out if it's on my end or only showing up because senders have not changed THEIR emails. 

Community Manager

Hi @HTPurrball

Thanks for posting your question here in GoDaddy Community!


The "nickname" is usually part of your email client settings. So if the address book your changing is the one within your client, that should work for any outgoing emails. I recommend taking a look at your sent messages to see if they are going out the way you want them to. If you're only seeing the wrong name on emails you receive, chances are the name is wrong in the senders client. 


Does anyone else in the community have other thoughts on this? We'd love for you to post them here.

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I had nicknames in the Classic version but not in this new one.  Nor can I find an edit button for a contacts.  Please advise.