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Android 6.0.1 Mobile / PC sync issues

I have just recently started having issues. I have, for 5+ years, had several GoDaddy email accounts which were setup both on my phone and in Outlook on my PC. I have the settings in Outlook to delete email from the mail server and the settings on my phone to delete when deleted from my inbox.


This has up until last week worked GREAT! At that point something changed. I have reported the issue via an Andriod forum as that is about when my phone updated to Androis 6.0.1. They told me to contact Samsung, the maker of the phone. I spent hours on a chat with them on Monday and they pushed me to Sprint, my carrier. I spend an hour on the phone with them yesterday and they say it is a GoDaddy email issue. I just chatted with GoDaddy support and they say it is not their here I am....


Email is no longer being removed from my phone when it is deleted from the mail server for the GoDaddy accounts. It works fine for my Hotmail. Gmail and Yahoo accounts. I have tried the standard Android Mail App and Blue Mail, both do the exact same thing.


The scenario...I send myself a 'TEST' email to an email address. I refresh the email on my phone and that email downloads to my inbox on my phone (standard or blue mail app). Then I do a 'send/receive' on Outlook on my PC which deletes that email from GoDaddy's email servers. I can login via webmail and confirm that. I then do a refresh of mail on my phone. It will download new emails perfectly fine, but will NOT REMOVE that email that is no longer on the mail server....


So what can I do to get this to work again like it used to? Thanks for any help!!


Sam exact issue for me.



Having same problem since installing Marshmallow (Android 6.0.1) on Verizon Samsung Galaxy S6...tho not just my GoDaddy accounts.  Seem to be having same problem with RoadRunner aka Time Warner Cable email account.


Verizon had me completely run their software that backs up everything on the phone, then deleting everything including the OS and apps and then reinstalling.  Made no difference whatsoever.


Not contacted Samsung...yet...but followed as much of a procedure as I could remember from a previous go around I've had with this problem....did the equivalent of a safe mode reboot and deleted memory cache...had already several times cleared cache and data on phone using application manager.


Have noticed that when I don't use manual setup for email accounts, GoDaddy forces use of SSL and corresponding SSL ports...sometimes even after I manually select the "none" security setting,,,for both POP3 and SMTP settings.  Not sure if this is germane because having no issues with sending and receiving email so obviously hitting server.


Even when I use GoDaddy webmail to delete messages off the GoDaddy server, still does not sync. pretty sure this is not a GoDaddy issue...but all of us would greatly appreciate someone at GoDaddy sussing the solution out for this...gotta believe you have people with more tech smarts than Verizon 😉

I'm pretty sure it's not a GoDaddy issue, but an issue with how the Samsung stock email client for Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 is treating pop3 email accounts. I've been looking for a solution since I received the Android update on a Samsung tablet yesterday and so far the only answers I've seen are to 1) switch to IMAP email, which GoDaddy doesn't support, or 2) abandon the stock email client and use something else.  There is a bug item listed on the google bug tracking site, but it's marked closed because email is a Samsung application, not a native Android app.