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Auto-forwarded emails from Yahoo to Workspace not always received

I have an old Yahoo Small Business email acct that is configured to auto-forward all incoming emails to my Workspace Webmail acct. Most emails to the Yahoo acct forward as intended to Webmail acct - but there are some emails from a few senders that do not forward. The email addresses on the emails which are not being received in Webmail are not listed in my Auto Purged List, I don't have any Custom Filters set up, and my Spam Filtering is configured to Move to Bulk Mail. Yahoo swears all incoming emails are being forwarded to Webmail. Is there something I'm missing in Webmail that could be causing some emails to vanish?

Community Manager

Hi @rond


First, welcome and thanks for posting in GoDaddy Community! 


It's difficult to say for sure what's happening. Usually if a message is rejected by our servers, a bounceback would  be generated. That may go back to your Yahoo address or to the original sender. I'd check those avenues first to see if any bouncebacks are coming in. Support should be able to analyze a bounceback to determine what's happening and give you the next steps in moving forward. 


If you're sure there are no bouncebacks, then the next thing to do would be to see if Yahoo can review their mail logs to see if they have an error there. If you're sure they've already done so, I recommend reaching out to our support to try the same thing. It will have to be a message from within the last 24 hours and they'll need to know the sending and receiving address. 


Also, I just wanted to let you know that I made a small change to your post subject to make it a little more specific. 


Has anyone else had a similar issue? How did you get it resolved? 

JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

Thanks for the info, @JesseW Regarding bouncebacks, I haven't received any to the Yahoo acct, and the couple of senders I've talked to (whose emails aren't coming through to my Webmail) haven't received bouncebacks either.

Although the Yahoo rep I questioned about this issue stated that it's not a Yahoo problem, I don't know how thoroughly he investigated the problem. My hunch is that Yahoo is at fault based on the facts that, #1, there haven't been any bouncebacks, and #2, there are a couple of other irritating bugs within the Yahoo email system. (Closing the Yahoo acct isn't an option; too many business contacts use it.)

I'm going to go back to Yahoo and be a bit more aggressive in my attempts to solve the problem. I'll post the source of the problem, and hopefully a solution, if one is found.

Thanks again.

Did you ever find a cause for this?  I'm having the same problem.