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Autofill Fail


New here. Appreciate any help I can get.

Converted from GD Workspace email to GD Outlook 365 on  9/24. 

Emails and contacts migrated by GD. It's all there.

Problem is that I get a "No Match Was Found" pop-up whenever I start typing an email address into the TO: line of a new email.

Told by GD that auto-populate recognition function only works after you send an email to that recipient. So tried that. Only works during the current session. As soon as I exit and re-enter GD OWA, I'm back to square 1. Tried it using Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Same results.

If I do type in a full email address from my contact list and press enter, that contact is recognized and the recipient's name goes into the TO: line, but not before I put in the full, correct email address and press enter. 

Spoke to at least 4 GD support reps about problem.

Finally at 6 am on 10/3, got someone to prepare a ticket for review by the "developers". The "typical 72 hour" wait period ended yesterday morning.

To me, seems like a straightforward problem. If it's widespread, I would assume that there would be a lot of angry and frustrated users out there.

Does this sound normal to you? Any suggestions?




Hey @Nil-0,


Really sorry to hear about the recent trouble you've been running into with migrating from Workspace to Office 365 email. I will admit the issues your describing do not sound normal, but these also sound account specific. Many of the other community members may not be able to assist you with a solution as it requires access they won't have to your account to investigate. 


You mentioned already having a ticket escalated to review the cause of this. I would recommend checking back in with our live support if it's already been more than 72 hours so they can help review the status of that ticket. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Thanks for your thoughtful response.

1. If the problem is account specific, and since I've only been using OWA, that would suggest that a possible fix would be to do another migration - This time from the defective GD-OWA to a fresh GD-OWA. Any thoughts?

2. I did get in contact with support. All they could tell me was that the ticket is open.

3. One temporary solution that I thought of was to download GD-O16 and try to manage the email account through that system. Tried it. In GD-OWA, I had created a contact list. Tried to edit that list in GD-O16 but didn't have any success. I got a spreadsheet where the entries under "name" are the email addresses and the entries under "email" are also the same email addresses. Doesn't seem to be any way to edit. Any recommendations?