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Calendar Lacks Auto Sync to Phone

Am I correct that GoDaddy's Calendar does not automatically sync with my phone (Android) unless each new entry is manually exported through Google's Gmail?  As of now, this is the ONLY method in which I can receive updates on my phone.  Thank you for any advice to allow auto sync of each new calendar entry as provided by other calendars.


Hi there @TC,


You should be able to synchronize to your Android device using the steps in the article Synchronizing Calendar with Your Mobile Device from our Help section.  Scroll down to the middle for the Android guide. Hope that helps.


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I have follow the instructions which are poorly written. But managed to finally subscribe to the Calendar however its read only?

This does not help.

I need a Sync solution from Workspace calendar to google calendar and viceversa


De-evolution.... with ms-exchange i could sync calendar in outlook on windows and my android phone. NO MORE...........


Hey @Judison,


First let me say welcome to the community!


I think your issue may be different from the topic being discussed here as this concerning the calendar features of Workspace email. If you're having trouble with your Office 365 calendar which should be fully syncing across all devices, I'd recommend starting a new topic describing the specific error message being encountered when you're trying to sync your events. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Hi  - I am ok with only having my calandar sync, Workspace calendar and Android.  I tried to follow the instructions in the help but could not see how it would work. Called support they recommended that I upgrade to Office 360, which I do not need now.  Does Workspace calandar still sync with Android.?  Any help on how to do that would be helpful.,  Thanks