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Can I exclude a recipient from Auto-Reply in Workspace Webmail

I use Auto-Reply, and would like to find out if one email address can be excluded from getting my Auto-Reply email. The emails I get from this email address are sent from an un-monitored email address so when an Auto-Reply email is sent from my account I get an email in return that says the email can't be delivered. I'm trying to figure out how to eliminate this email, and the easiest way I can think of is to prevent my Auto-Reply email from being sent to that email address. Can it be done?


Hello @SSLejh and thank you for being a part of the Community!


My apologies at the late reply but I saw your post remained unanswered and I wanted to help as best as I can. 


You can add the email address to your Blocked List or add it to Auto Purge. Here is the link with the steps on how to complete this using spam filter settings. I am also including a screenshot of where these are located in your WorkSpace email:



Again I apologize for the delayed response, I hope you have a great weekend 😎.

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This does not solve the problem I have at all. I do NOT want to block the recipient or add to Purge. I want to prevent the Auto-reply message from going out to ONE recipient only. I am trying to figure out if that is possible, but it does not seem to be.