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Can I set up an e-mail alias from a different domain?

Hi.  We have a long domain name with hosting and e-mail (e.g.,  We have set up e-mail addresses such as  This is all working fine.  We would like to add a new, shorter domain (e.g.,, and have be an alias for  Can we do this with a single hosting account?  If so, could you please tell me what steps I need to follow?  Many thanks!


Hi @ralphbecket, thanks for posting.

If you are planning on keeping "" as the primary email address, this would be simple to setup. You can setup "" to be a forwarding email address or an email alias. The exact steps on how to set this up would vary depending on email service you are using. If you follow up with the specific email services you are using, a member of the Community might be able to provide you with specific steps.

In most cases, you would not need a separate plan to do this.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Sorry for the late reply and thank you for yours!  We currently have our domain/web site/e-mail managed under the "economy Linux Hosting with cPanel" option.  We'd like to acquire and point it at the same web site *and* set things up so that e-mail to is an alias for, preferably all under our existing hosting deal.  (As you may be able to tell, I'm largely unfamiliar with the mechanics of all this :-)).

Hi @ralphbecket, thanks for following up.

You can use the steps in this article to setup your second domain as an alias:

This will make it so both domains display the same website.

This article explains how to setup Email Forwarders in cPanel:


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status

Brilliant, @GaryA, thanks a million!